How to Create a Bridal Registry for Donations to SLVP

Visit and register yourself and your big day to create a registry.  After you’re registered, click on the “Registry” tab to view this screen: 

The nice thing about the registry system here is it allows you to consolidate your registries from several retail outlets, Macy’s, Crate & Barrel, etc., and once you’ve completed those registries, you can pick from a list of larger charities (hint hint, The International Rescue Committee works in Sierra Leone too) and each retailer will donate a percentage of your gifts to the big charities.

At this time they aren’t accepting new charities for that program, but you can create a charity registry (see option 2 in the figure below) and nominate any charity you want so that your guests can make charitable contributions in addition to gifts.

After clicking the second option, you are taken to the screen with blank fields, which we’ve populated below with our information for your convenience.  We’ve done a test run to make sure we qualify.  You will get an email from the to let you know they are reviewing us and another in about a week to let you know that we’ve passed and from there you can set up the donation amounts however you’d like.  And thanks for making your special day special for a whole country too. 

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