February 14, 2010

FREETOWN, SIERRA LEONE, February 14, 2010 – On Tour of Tonkolili District, President of Sierra Leone, Ernest Bai Koroma, Addresses Mamaka Village from SLVP’s Mamaka Primary School

President of Sierra Leone, Ernest Bai Koroma, began a four day tour of the Tonkolili district on Friday, February 12.  SLVP was very pleased to hear that he visited the site of our very first project, Mamaka Village.  As the school that SLVP and the Mamaka community constructed together in 2008 is by far the largest and sturdiest structure in the village, it was there that he held court and gave his address to the Village.  We are still getting reports from our friends in Mamaka as to his precise comments on the school itself, but we do know that he asked who built it and was pleased to hear that it was constructed by a former resident of the Village (our Board President, J. Albert Kamara, grew up in Mamaka) and the non-profit that he founded with Returned Peace Corps Volunteers.  To read an article about President Koroma’s visit to the Tonkolili district, click here.

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