January 6, 2010

Annual Letter of Thanks from SLVP Board to Donor Community

PITTSBURG, C.A., January 6, 2010 --

Greetings to SLVP donors and friends,

We are happy to bring your our second newsletter to thank and update our donors and friends on the progress of the projects we are sponsoring.  This past year (2009) was the second full calendar year for Sierra Leone Village Partnerships, and, we are overjoyed to report that we have completed two projects.  Early in the year we put the final coat of paint on the Mamaka School project and this fall the Fadugu School was completed.  Both villages extended great effort and worked hard in partnership with us and thanks to your generous donations will be able to provide proper educational environments for their children.

We have recently begun a third project - the construction of a school in the community of Gofor, located 12 miles from the town of Kenema, in the Eastern Province.  Although the economic climate in the US continues to challenge all of us, we are so grateful for the heartwarming charity that you continue to provide allowing us to continue our work in Sierra Leone. 

We continue to function as an entirely volunteer based organization, funding our travel ourselves and working closely with the communities we help.  This keeps us nimble and allows us to listen to the needs of the community while keeping our overhead at an absolute minimum.  More than 90 cents of every dollar you contribute to Sierra Leone Village Partnerships goes directly to these projects.  We thank you for everything you’ve done for us in these past two years and hope that you will continue to support us in 2010 with the generous fervor and selfless financial assistance so that we can continue to bring hope and opportunity to the communities of Sierra Leone. 


The SLVP Board of Directors

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