January 3, 2009

First Annual Letter of Thanks from SLVP Board to Donor Community

PITTSBURG, C.A., January 3, 2009 --

Greetings to SLVP donors and friends,

This is the first of what surely will be many more newsletters intended to update our donors and friends on the progress of the projects we are sponsoring.  This past year (2008) was the first full calendar year for Sierra Leone Village Partnerships, and we are happy to report that it has been a year of major advances for our organization.  By year’s end we have seen the Mamaka school project to its final phase and have begun a similar school building project in the town of Fadugu.  These two formerly war-torn communities have done their part, through your contributions, to provide educational opportunities to their children.  We are pleased that in spite of all of the challenges of 2008, you committed yourself to providing the money necessary for these projects.  As a small non-profit organization we are able to work very closely with these communities on projects that they have committed themselves to with little or no overhead cost.  This year more than 90 cents of every dollar you contributed to Sierra Leone Village Partnerships went directly to these projects.  This makes our efforts extremely cost effective and gratifying for everyone involved.  We hope that you will join us again in 2009 by providing us with the financial assistance necessary to work in partnership with communities in Sierra Leone. 


The SLVP Board of Directors

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