Board Member Blogs

SLVP President’s Corner Blog

J. Albert Kamara, the President of SLVP, hails from Mamaka Village and is the reason we founded this organization.  He gathered his friends scattered around the U.S. and urged us to found an organization to help the nation that gave so much to us in life-long friendships.  His blog encapsulates his experiences from the perspective of a Sierra Leonean who grew up there and now lives in the U.S. but returns often to his home village and has many relatives still living in Sierra Leone.

Maureen McNamara’s Travel Blog

Maureen McNamara, the Director of Development, is the only member of SLVP who did not spend time in Sierra Leone before she joined SLVP.  Although she has traveled the world extensively by herself, she’d never been to West Africa before she visited Sierra Leone.  Her Blog gives one the perspective of a foreigner visiting Sierra Leone for the first time encountering its rich culture, warm people and deep history.  She also visits all of our project sites and describes the personality of the Project Leaders and communities. 

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