Gbendembu Secondary School SOLAR, 2019

In 2011, the Gbendembu Secondary School (high-school) received  solar power from Energy for Opportunity (EFO) in partnership with AusAID and the Deng Solar Training Company.

The benefits of this are enormous:

  • The school has a computer lab with internet access. This not only provides students with invaluable computer training, but access to the wider world.
  • After school tutoring is not limited to daylight hours.
  • Approximately 300 students a night utilize the space to study for admission into secondary or vocational schools.
  • Adult literacy classes are available on weekend nights.
  • Female students have a well-lit and secure space.
  • Teachers and students are trained in solar installation and maintenance.
  • Upcountry schools with solar electricity are more likely to attract qualified teachers with university degrees or teaching certificates.
  • Schools with solar make much needed income by acting as charging stations for the local community.

SLVP was contacted by one of the original local solar power project managers, James B. Conteh (JBC), because after eight successful years the batteries need to be replaced. At $1,050 each, the six batteries required are not affordable to the community who stands to lose all of the benefits of this program. Just six new batteries will last more than ten years, click here to keep the lights on.

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