Fadugu Kasunko Chiefdom Library, 2013

We returned to the town of Fadugu for this project, but were excited to embark on a new project for SLVP as we were approached to construct a Library.  Fadugu is located in the Kasunko Chiefdom, and like all of Sierra Leone, it is equally populated with Christians and Muslims who live together in magnificent harmony.  The project site is at the Kasunko Islamic Secondary School’s (high school’s) compound, where an old school building can be rehabilitated for use as a community library for the entire village. 

Before: The existing walls from an old school building ready to be repurposed to form the library.

After: An internal shot of the completed library shows teachers sorting books.

Libraries outside of the capital of Freetown in Sierra Leone are extraordinarily uncommon.  This will provide countless benefits to such a large community with many diverse needs.  Students lack a quiet environment to study outside of class and a suitable environment to work together.  There is no electricity in Fadugu, so there is no internet to use as a research tool, this library will provide the entire community with access to learning materials and reference books.  Furthermore, the teachers lack the reference books and textbooks necessary to effectively prepare their lesson notes.  The combination of these leads to ineffective learning and lower scores on standardized exams.  Because the library is being constructed from an existing structure, the costs will be relatively low and the project will not take very long.  We congratulate the community for their innovation and thank everyone who contributed.

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