Magbaimba Primary School Roof, 2011

Our fifth project was the repair of the Magbaimba Primary School roof.  The school was founded in 1985 by the Elders of 9 local villages. In 1995, Magbaimba Primary School became a fully government assisted school under the Management of the Bombali Christian Evangelical Mission, a local mission operating in the Bombali District.  The school has a current enrolment of 300 students from all 9 neighboring villages. 

The school has, for the past years, produced very good results at NPSE examinations with 85% success rate for four consecutive years. Magbaimba Evangelical Primary School is regarded as a model school for academic excellence and good discipline.  The school’s strategic location makes it easily accessible for students from the neighboring villages and economically viable for the parents who depend on their children to help them with their farm work after school and on weekends. 

The photo above shows the roof that was blown off of the Magbaimba Primary School in August of 2011. 


In Sierra Leone, there aren’t four seasons, but two.  The rainy season lasts from May to November, and a dry season that lasts from December to May.  During the peak of the rainy season on August 12th, 2011 the roof of the school was completely destroyed and blown apart by torrential rains and monsoon winds. This left the structure of the school defenseless to the elements. 


Not only was the building itself in danger of crumbling, a total collapse in the educational system in those areas and communities threatened as well. Children benefit immensely from the smooth transition from primary to secondary school education in the same locality. It is critical that normal classes resume.  With the structural integrity of the Primary School is in jeopardy, the survival of the Junior Secondary School which gets majority of its students from the primary school is highly unlikely.  This will result in a complete academic breakdown and a return to the circle of poverty in all of these communities.  Working in partnership with the local Elders, SLVP undertook its most inexpensive and fast paced project to date to replace the roof of the Magbaimba Primary School and assure that the academic integrity these 9 villages have worked so hard to achieve stays intact.  We would like to thank everyone in the village of Magbaimba who worked so hard and all of our donors for their generousity in completing this project.

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