Gofor Classroom Furniture, 2012 

Constructing the Gofor Primary School was SLVP’s third project, completed in 2010.  It was built from scratch, after the former school had been destroyed in a devastating storm.  Once the school was completed, the rickety furniture from the temporary bafa (bamboo walled structure with a palm thatched roof) was transferred to the new school.  It wasn’t long before it was apparent that there was a great need for proper furniture. The community reached out to the government, who couldn’t afford to help.  They also approached a few NGOs who couldn’t assist them with the furniture, but one did offer to build them new latrines. 

They reached out to SLVP and this project was shortly underway.  With nearly 1/5 of the finances put forth by the community, it was a fast and small undertaking for SLVP.  We were happy to make sure the kids have a comfortable place to sit while they enjoy learning in their new school.  SLVP and more than 300 people from the various communities of Gofor, Tohbu and Konella who attend the school would like to say thank you to the generous donors who helped assist with this project.

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