Gbendembu Teacher's Quarters, 2011 

In the rural northeastern village of Gbendembu (pronounced Ben-dem-boo), we took on our first project that wasn't a school with the construction of the Teacher's Quarters.  This was our 4th project and the least expensive to date with approximately 25% of the total budget coming from the community. 

Gbendembu is one of the largest villages we’ve worked with.  Its population exceeds 5,000 people and the secondary (high) school for which we are constructing the teacher’s quarters has more than 850 students.  The real challange here lies in the fact that in this village of 5,000 and school of 850, there are only 12 qualified teachers.  Before the Rebel War, when Gbendembu was even smaller, they had ample staff quarters which allowed them to attract qualified teachers to their remote village. 

The photo above shows old teacher's quarters that were destroyed in the War, and in the lower portion of the photo the blue bricks that will be part of the new teacher's quarters are visible. 

But all of these and nearly ½ of all of the houses in the village were destroyed by the fighting leaving no place for qualified teachers from outside the village to live.  The village of Gbendembu has taken great initiative in rebuilding its community and school, even reconstructing four teacher’s quarters, but this remains insufficient for the school's sizeable enrollment. 


We are very excited to help them build more teacher housing and in effect, bring more qualified teachers to provide the students of Gbendembu with a proper high school education.  We are happy to report that construction is now complete and the teacher’s quarters home to three new qualified teachers for the Gbendembu Baptist Secondary School.  We would like to thank everyone who has helped the Village of Gbendembu help themselves in providing their children with a brighter future.

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