Fadugu Primary School Project, 2009


Fadugu Town, in the far north of Sierra Leone was attacked three separate times during the rebel war.  The unbelievable bravery and terrifying heartbreak that shocked this thriving community are captured in the letters that Gary Stewart and John Amman received and published in their book accounting the war, Black Man’s Grave.  We were eager to return to Fadugu now that Sierra Leone is at peace and help however we could. 

The Fadugu School was spared during the civil war, the request that the village elders and school headmaster and project manager, Y.S. Mansaray, had was for a school expansion to help with their drastically overcrowded classrooms.  Mr. Mansaray provided a detailed hand-drawn plan for a three room school building that would reduce Fadugu Primary School’s average class size from a whopping 80+ to 40 students.

Much of the overcrowding in this school is caused by the forced relocation of villagers who were living alongside the floodplain of the Seli River.  The Bumbuna Hydroelectric damn project has uprooted many people from their homes and relocated them to towns such as Fadugu.  This has lead to intense overcrowding in schools and added more strain to an already overtaxed infrastructure.

Mr. Mansaray, a wise asset to his community, laid out his plan and budgeted the money that SLVP raised for this project so well, that he had a surplus with which to further remodel another classroom to widen the windows and make it easier for the children to see (there is no electricity in Fadugu).

As with the Mamaka School, we put Mr. Mansaray in touch with our contacts at the U.S. Embassy in Freetown and their outreach program.  Mr. Mansaray was able to successfully apply for a grant and the school was outfitted with new furniture.

The entire project took less than 9 months due to the incredible leadership of Mr. Mansaray and the enthusiasm of the Fadugu community.  SLVP looks forward to continuing to work with members of the Village who have reached out to us for other needs, such as micro-financing and solar paneling for their clinic.

On behalf of Fadugu Town and SLVP, we’d like to thank everyone who made a donation to make this project such a success.

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